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We are a Pomegranate arils and Fresh Pomegranate exporter/grower/suppliers from India.Fresh Pomegranate is one of the imperative organic product edits economically developed in the condition of Maharashtra. The principle financially developed assortments are Bhagwa , Arkata and Ganesh.

We are well renowned pomegranates suppliers and exporters in the market. Our fresh Pomegranates are ensured according to global wellbeing appraisals. What’s more, we proffer such a superb red pomegranates and white pomegranates as indicated by your financial plan. We are a main Indian provider and exporter of fresh pomegranates and we sends out fresh organic products to different nations. We create best quality  pomegranate in a natural route with the imaginative innovation and natural data sources. We take after accepted procedures in natural cultivating likewise handled organic products are without additives and are loaded with normal sweetness.

It is an exceptional provider of new quality items like entire pomegranate organic products and pomegranate arils to the local and abroad market. We take after International quality gauges and fare to abroad market like Europe, USA, Netherlands and UAE.

Packaging : Net weight of box 3.50 / 4.00kg, 4.50kg, 15-20kg in plastic carets.

Availability : January | February | March|April | July | August | Nov | Dec

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