We are a top Fresh Okra exporters/grower/suppliers from India. Okra also known as “lady’s finger” or “bamia pod” is one of the most loved nutritious vegetables of North-East African birthplace.

We are well renowned okra suppliers and exporters in the market.Our best organic okra is widely used in preparation of different food items, like Okra Panzanella,Fried Pecan Okra etc.The interest for our Fresh Okra has bit by bit expanded over the day and age, inferable from its different special components and first grade quality. Sufficient stickiness and dampness is entirely kept up away and also travel. Our Vegetable Okra is in immense interest for new green shading, taste and nourishment. Our viable bundling of Green Okra keeps up its freshness till the purpose of utilization. Today, we remain among the major Long Green Okra Exporters. The Fresh Okra can be gained at reasonable costs from us.

Packaging: 2kg,5kg as per the requirement of the client

Condition: Fresh

Availability: June to Nov

Shipping: By Air and Sea


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