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We are a top Fresh Carrot exporters/grower/suppliers from India. Intercontinental Exim Corporation Company likewise sends out organic carrots to our clients and our quality crisp items are as a rule very much enjoyed by our residential and overall clients. We supply top Orange Fresh Carrots and best choose carrots to our customers everywhere throughout the world which they use in their normal schedule.Our organic carrot is widely used in preparation of different food items, like carrot pickle,gajar halwa etc

We are well renowned carrots supplier and exporter in the market.We send out world class top fresh carrots to our clients having a place from various nation areas. These organic carrots are being chosen as our best item that is great in taste and individuals utilize them for eating, utilizing carrot juice and furthermore cooking. It is our obligation to supply organic carrots to our clients and we are dedicated in sending out them the best choose carrots over the world customers.

Intercontinental Exim Corporation Company has a specific arrangement of value confirmation and we have been keeping up the quality guidelines for sending out the new and best chose vegetables and organic products to our customers. Our quality control framework works truly hard all through the best approach to convey the dispatch to the clients to their goal. Our commitment is to serve our clients with our crisp and great taste carrots and supply them what they need from us. We keep these carrots all around safeguarded to keep up its freshness till those carrots are being come to the goal protected and sound.

Packaging: 5kg, as per the requirement of the client

Condition: Fresh

Availability: Throughout the year

Shipping: By Air and Sea

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