We are a top Fresh Beetroot exporter/grower/suppliers from India.Beetroot is an unfaltering, clean globe  shaped vegetable with no delicate wet ranges. It contains the capable cancer prevention agent betacyanin, which gives beetroot its dark red shade, this organic beetroot refines the blood and increment the hemoglobin level and has hostile to cancer-causing properties. Explore indicates it helps the body’s characteristic emplacements in the liver, recovering safe cells. Additionally contains silica, dynamic for sound skin, fingernails, tendons, ligaments and bones.

We are well renowned beetroot suppliers and exporters in the market.We have been striving to maintain high quality standards in the market by offering Fresh Beetroot.Our organic beetroot are quality checked by our specialists on various parameters, for example freshness, taste and quality.We do our operations from Pune, India.Our fresh beetroot is widely used in preparation of different food items, like Beetroot risotto,Beetroot keftedes etc. Attributable to its ideal shading, extraordinary taste, validness, rich dietary values, and long timeframe of realistic usability, it is abundantly requested by our customers. We stand tall among the other market players, due to our on-time conveyances and aggressive evaluating arrangement. We offer them at an exceedingly sensible rate.

Packaging: 2kg and 5Kg, as per the requirement of the client

Condition: Fresh

Availability: Throughout the year

Shipping: By Air and Sea


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