We are a Fresh Baby Corn Exporter/ Grower/Suppliers from india.Be it for cooking purposes or making the dish look more respectable Baby Corns are dependably a most loved choice. Intercontinental Exim Corporation Company presents fresh organic baby corns that are naturally developed. Otherwise called flame corns, baby corns is an exceptionally prevalent fixing in Asian cooking styles. Handled under clean conditions, these top fresh baby corns are quality checked by our specialists on various parameters, for example, freshness, taste and quality. In this manner, Baby corns from the place of Intercontinental Exim Corporation Company are the without a doubt the best decision to vouch for.

We are well renowned baby corn suppliers and exporters in the market.Our best fresh frozen baby corn is widely used in preparation of different food items, like chatuchak fried rice, baby corn paneer jalfrazie etc and furthermore in different ventures.We provide hybrid Baby Corn seed-Sonal variety suitable for cultivation in all seasons. This variety is ready to harvest within 55-56 days. Our hybrid baby corn is resistant to pest & diseases and thus minimum attacks occur during the cultivation. The grains are rich in phosphorus and calcium and less in cholesterol content. It finds its application in food processing, salad, soup and in many other recipes.

Packaging: 2kg and 5Kg, as per the requirement of the client

Condition: Fresh

Availability: Throughout the year

Shipping: By Air and Sea


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